1000s of PUDO, millions of smart deliveries
We are delighted to mark another significant milestone with our 1000+ PUDO locations.
pudo Click&Collect Your store is now the technological delivery address for e-commerce shopping. We were at İstanbul Digital Art Festival!
As one of the sponsors of the Istanbul Digital Art Festival, we were delighted to see Pudo as the inspiration for a digital work of art.
Choose pudo for delivering dozens of parcels within minutes!

No more address confusion while delivering a parcel! Choose pudo to ensure customer satisfaction and achieve operational convenience.
Choose pudo for happier customers!
Let your customers pick up parcels from pudo’s 24/7 and enjoy the best customer experience.
Have your parcel dropped off to pudo, and fell the freedom!
Your only delivery address is no longer your home, your new address for your online shopping is pudo, you can pick up from any pudo you want at any time, make your life easier...
pudoPOINT at the heart of life! Tens of parcels are delivered at one go thanks to the pudoPOINTs at various locations of the city. No trouble of waiting at the address, the parcels are delivered 24/7.

Meet pudo,“open smart parcel network”!

The safest and easiest way to deliver and pick up parcels. The “open smart parcel network “, in which the cloud-based infrastructure is supported by new generation software technologies and platforms, offers unique solutions to all users and stakeholders. It makes it easy, fast and secure to deliver and pick up via pudoPOINT’s at key locations of the city.

Choose pudo and easily track from pudoAPP!

Track the status of your parcel

Get notified when your parcel is dropped off at pudo.

View all unpicked and past parcels.

View all pudo’s near to your location from the map.

Choose your pudo as the delivery address for all your purchases

Save your favorite pudoPOINT’s for easy selection later.

our business partners

our location business partners

pudo has a lot to offer its stakeholders!

widespread with an extensive network

With over 1000 locations in 6 cities, pudo is within a maximum of 10 minutes walking distance of 10,000,000 people.

end-user oriented

Seamless end-to-end customer experience in the last-mile distribution process

provides operational efficiency

A single point available 24/7 for the delivery and return of parcels

parcels are safe at pudo

Tested for all weather conditions and vandalism, monitored with a 24/7 camera system


provides a sustainable business model

Environmentally friendly business model with a centralized and independent system that requires no additional investment cost.



Free installation and maintenance, 24/7 customer service and technical support

pudo is by nature a "common asset"

Offering a superior delivery experience to users, pudo eliminates risks taht can be encountered during processes. With its shared economy base, it provides a sustainable, environmentally friendlly ecosystem based on cooperation, innovation, qualified, high customer satisfaction to its shareholders (cargo/courier, brand, e-commerce and individual).

sharing economy

pudo gathers the needs of the sector under a single roof and establishes a central, independent, and professional system. In this way, it improves the service quality provided by all stakeholders without requiring an additional investment cost and reduces repetitive costs.

independent business model

pudo, the open smart parcel locker network, is an independent business model with a equidistant, neutral approach, to all its stakeholders, aiming to reduce their workload involved in the last mile delivery management processes and increase the service quality by establishing the pudoNET network with its cloud-based infrastructure, and new generation software technologies and platforms.

What does pudo bring you?

It allows you to create a superior delivery management with the possibilities offered by the smart parcel network.

insurance against loss and theft

Parcels are safe against theft, loss, etc. in pudo. It is monitored with a 24/7 camera system.

saves time

It prevents the procedures experienced during the delivery process and saves time for all users.

free and easy installation

The modular pudo’s can be tailored to your space. They are installed free of charge. All maintenance and repairment costs are covered by pudo

environmentally friendly

Multiple parcels are dropped off to pudo’s at pudoPOINT centers at once. It reduces the number of vehicles used in the last mile delivery processes, thus reduces carbon emissions.

pudo for senders

pudo provides brands a superior logistics experience with its free installation while saves time and cost. Parcels are dropped off to pudo of recipients’ choice. It maximizes customer satisfaction by providing uninterrupted, safe, and hygienic service 24/7. Through its smart parcel network, it facilitates delivery tracking. It provides an environmentally friendly service by offering solutions that support the sharing economy.

pudo for recipients

Users choose a pudo, at a convenient location, for their parcels. User-friendly interface, makes parcels to be accessed 24/7 easily, safely and hygienically without the need to contact anyone. The users can check the status of the parcel from the mobile application and website at any time with the help of the tracking system.

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